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Citslinc International, Inc. was set up in Monterey Park, California in June 1995 and Citslinc New York, Inc. was set up in Flushing, New York in September 2001. Mr. Leo Liu is the President of both companies. Leo is also the Vice President of the Inland Empire International Business Association based in California, Co-Chairman of Inland Empire World Trade Conference, Board Director of Ontario Chamber of Commerce and member to the chambers of commerce in 45 cities.

In an effort to promote positive economic growth in the realm of International Trade, Citslinc has hosted several delegations of American businessmen and women, along with some of our local public officials, to visit China. In January of 2001, Leo hosted an American delegation of 234 people to visit 4 major Chinese industrial cities, according to the statistics by the Department of Commerce this was the largest American business delegation to China in the history. Through his commitment and dedication to the growth of international trade, Liu led another two delegation of 120 business people to China again in November 2001 and March 2002. Leo is hoping to host two more delegations each of them with over a hundred of participants this year for the months of July and November.

In November 2002, Leo Liu led a Chamber Mission to China with 650 American business people, Here is Bus B-5

Currently, Citslinc is working in cooperation with Inland Empire International Business Association to open nine IEIBA offices in China. Through these offices there will be many business opportunities for Inland Empire business firms to grow and prosper.

Not only has Citslinc brought American entrepreneurs to China, the company also brings Chinese entrepreneurs to America, more specifically, to bring them to the Inland Empire of Southern California and the somerset county in New Jersey. A Chinese delegation over 200 participants will have the opportunity to attend IEIBA's 9th Annual World Trade Conference on May 22, 2002.